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Temporary Care for Women of All Ages After

Injury - Surgery or


Kindness Matters

Meet Erika Whittaker

Post-Surgery Caregiver and Postpartum Doula

Hi, I'm Erika Whittaker, and I love caring for people. It's what I do best and enjoy the most. Especially helping women get back on their feet as quickly and safely as possible after they encounter setbacks or life changes. 

As a post-surgery caregiver, I take care of all your other needs, so that you can concentrate on healing only.

As a postpartum doula, I help new parents transition gently and confidently into life with a baby.

I am an experienced, confident, knowledgable, and compassionate woman who believes that given the right conditions and environment,

our bodies can heal themselves.  I help create this "right environment" by taking care of my clients' needs so her body can use all its energy on healing. 

Helping, Caring, Healing, Teaching have always been some of my real passions; whether that was as a girl growing up in Austria as the 7th of 10 children, a world-class athlete who had to heal from many injuries and surgeries, a coach and mentor to young children, an exercise teacher,   a mountain guide to help people achieve their dreams and return home safely, a mother to two incredible children, a manager and owner of multiple businesses, 

Education and Experience
  • Personal surgery recoveries (8 Orthopedic - 1 cesarean) 

  • Caring for multiple friends and family members before officially starting my business in 2016

  • Caring for and raising my own 2 children

  • Worked for Sun Valley Super Sitters for 4 years

  • Since 2014 in training with Master Energy Healer Rodney Blount

  • Misty Mountain Retreat Center for Natural Health with Barbara O'Neal in Australia (

  • ​Doula Training by DONA International at Bastyr University in Seattle, WA

  • Bach Flower Remedy course - Portland, OR

  • Healing Touch Education- San Diego, CA

  • Mindfulness and other Mind-Body wellbeing methodologies

  • Adult and Infant CPR and First aid 

  • Science of Wellbeing (A Yale online course) 

  • Lazaris teachings

My journey of caring for others was always part of my life as a​

  • Mother

  • Ski racing coach and instructor for kids

  • Mountain guide and Outfitter for International Adventure trips

  • Exercise teacher

  • Nanny, babysitter, and child care professional

  • Personal assistant

  • volunteer for Special Olympics and other Non profits

  • Business owner and manager for 30+ years

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A few samples of what I do - (scroll to see all photos)


 "Thanks again for your amazing love, healing energy, and care. This (bilateral hip replacement) has actually been one of the best experiences in my life and much because of you."

— Lauri Bunting    Sun Valley, ID/ San Francisco,CA

You Concentrate on Healing, I'll take care of the Rest

Thank you!

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