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"Your Health Matters Most"


 Long term success of any surgery depends on a variety of factors. You're sure to choose the best doctors and hospitals, so why should your post-surgery care be any different? Having an experienced and caring person by your side to make sure your recovery is as smooth and easy as possible, is invaluable to make the outcome of your surgery as successful as you hoped for. 

From the moment you leave the hospital, we will take care of everything else, so you can put all your energy into allowing and assisting your body to heal itself.

"Sometimes a woman needs another caring woman

to help her heal."

Hourly, daily, weekly  

Gift Certificates available

Kindness, Compassion, Excellence

After surgery, there are countless things to take care of and worry about while being mentally, emotionally, and physically restricted. We create a calm, safe, supportive environment so you can direct all of your energy to the process of healing and getting back on your feet as fast, and safely, as possible.

We are available for any of your needs, 24/7,

no matter how big or small. 

After an initial meeting, we will determine the most beneficial plan for you. Whether it is a few hours a day , a few days a week, or an extended 24/7 in home care need, we will help you feel safe, secure, and well taken care of during your time of recovery and healing.

  • Pre-Surgery Meeting to determine what is needed.

  • Travel to the location of surgery.

  • Preparation of home for safe post-surgery care. 

  • Transport to and from the hospital, checkups, physical therapy, etc. 

  • Pick up the necessary prescriptions, groceries, care items, etc. 

  • Consult with Doctors to determine the best post-surgery care. 

  • Chart and keep track of daily prescriptions, supplements, etc. 

  • Help you with braces, slings, Icing devices (cryo cuff) walker, crutches, etc...

  • Cook healthy meals plus snacks. 

  • Keep the environment calm for healing.

  • Take care of home tasks including laundry, pets, light cleaning, etc. 

  • Help with daily tasks like showering and other hygiene. 

  • Spend the night if 24-hour care is needed. 

  • Suggest and prepare Bach flower remedies for emotional support. 

  • Stay in touch with your Health provider Team

  •  Contact healer Rodney Blount for advice and assistance if needed. 

What I Offer during Post Surgery Care:


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